Server Rules:

  • Do not change your name to the admins name, or anything remotely close to it.
  • Do not portray as admin in anyway.
  • Do not copy another players in-game name. Reason being, If you get in trouble with someone else's name, they might get the punishment. Anyone caught doing this will receive punishments.
  • Do not destroy POI loot containers
  • Do not build in water as the shifting water will cause lag.
  • Do not build on trader land or block a trader off in any way that prevents other players from being able to use it.
  • Build in Trader quest poi at your own risk: Player quest resets them.
  • You are not ALLOWED to place a LCB in SKYCRAPERS OR:
  • DO NOT collapse large amounts of blocks at once as it will lag the server for everyone.
  • When digging in the desert be sure not to cause huge terrain drops as it will cause the server to lag hard or even crash. Here’s an example on how to not cause terrain drops in the desert.
  • All rules are up to staff’s discretion and are subject to change or new rules to be added.


  • Duping or hacking of any sorts will result in a ban + reset. No Exceptions
  • Do not Exploit a glitch that creates and unfair advantage against another player.
  • Ground glitching of Any type which grants the player the ability to X-ray WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a player reset and ban. No Exceptions
  • Do not hit trees that Display 0hp as they will lag the server and will be considered cheating. (First offense: stat reset. Second offense: Permanent ban)
  • It is PROHIBITED to use campfires to call upon a horde as it will cause an entity loop and lag the server.
  • Do not AUGER with a full inventory this will cause server lag. Anyone caught doing this their inventory will be reset.


  • If you are banned for any reason, all alt accounts will also be banned. YOU are banned, which means YOU can’t play on the server no matter what account.
  • Starting 5/7/2019, all x-ray punishments are a reset + 1 month ban. You have been warned. All punishments are up to staff’s discretion and are subject to change